Torrent excels at identifying companies with the potential to outperform the market.


Applying a flexible investment strategy, Torrent navigates the capital markets for you. We target companies with the potential for 5-10X returns, but we also may also capitalize on short term price movements.

Torrent provides investors with exposure to a portfolio of high growth investments chosen and managed by an experienced team that has a demonstrated record in capital markets.


Investors who have been with Torrent since 2017 have earned a 300% cumulative return.

* Cumulative as of 31 Mar 2022

Why Invest in


As an investor in Torrent Capital, you’ll realize the following advantages:


Peace of Mind

Exposure to an outperforming growth portfolio without the need to trade your investments constantly.


Greater Access

Exposure to select private placements, private companies and public equities that may otherwise not be broadly available to the investing public.



Transparency and liquidity through our listing on the TSX Venture Exchange. Our annual and quarterly reports and insights keep you up to date on our activities. 


Shared Goal

Alignment with our investors – Torrent’s management team and board are among the largest shareholders in the company.


Advantageous Model

Our Management Team’s financial incentives are based largely on realized gains. Torrent’s fee structure is low relative to competing investment products.

Torrent's unique structure provides investors exposure to select private and public investment opportunities.