Torrent excels at identifying companies with the potential to outperform the market.


We see future shaping capacities that others miss. Applying a flexible investment strategy, Torrent navigates the market for you. We seek long term returns in multiples on every investment, but we also capitalize on short term price movements.

Torrent provides investors with exposure to a portfolio of high growth investments chosen and managed by an experienced team that has an outstanding record in capital markets.

Don’t take our word for it – the numbers speak for themselves.


Investors who have been with Torrent since 2017 have earned a 405% cumulative return.

Why Invest in


As an investor in Torrent Capital, you’ll enjoy the following advantages:


Ease of Mind

Instant exposure to an outperforming growth portfolio without the need to monitor your investments constantly.


Privileged Access

Exposure to the best private placements, private companies, venture capital opportunities, and public equities that may otherwise not be accessible to the investing public.



Transparency, oversight, and liquidity through our listing on the Toronto Venture Exchange. Simply buy or sell the stock – no applications or redemptions necessary. Our annual and quarterly reports keep you up to date on our activities. 


Shared Goal

Management interests are aligned with investors – Torrent’s management team and board are among the largest shareholders in the company.


Advantageous Model

We make money when our—thus your—portfolio grows. No fees. Our overhead is low relative to competing investment issuers or products.

We make money when our
-thus your- portfolio grows.
No fees.

Financial Statements & MDMA

Financial Statements


Transparency, oversight and liquidity: Simply buy or sell through our listing on the Toronto Venture Exchange.

Shareholder Information

Torrent Capital’s common shares are traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol TORR.

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